Hair Minimise offers hair minimising protection with Kelisoft™ for visibly smoother underarms in just 8 weeks. Our unique ingredient, Kelisoft™, is clinically proven to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of hair so your underarms can stay smoother for longer. Enriched with soybean, Hair Minimise also moisturises your skin for a long lasting, irresistibly soft touch.

Hair Minimise

The Science

The Science


VEGF is a protein in the body involved in the stimulation of hair growth. In order to reduce hair growth we need to reduce the amount of VEGF produced. The hair growth minimiser, KELISOFT™, contains a natural plant molecule, chelidonine, that reduces the speed of hair growth and the thickness of hair by reducing the production of VEGF. Underarm hair is thinner and grows more slowly resulting in beautiful, smooth underarms.

Reducing the need to shave as regularly, Hair Minimise can help reduce the inflammation and itchiness caused by regular shaving. Also helps to reduce embarrassing underarm grey shadows. Proven results in 8 weeks with daily use.

Spray 250ml

Hair Minimise Spray 250ml

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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