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Your make-up’s lifespan…

Your make-up’s lifespan…

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Is your make-up draw littered with old nail varnishes you got as part of a set 5 years ago, eyeliners that have been around since the Spice Girls were number 1 and “back up” mascaras you haven’t used for 2 years but keep just in case of emergencies? Well you are not alone! It is estimated that an alarming 17% of women own mascara that is at least 7 years old, 12% claim to have a lipstick that is 8 years old and 6% say they have eye shadows that are a whopping 14 years old!* If this sounds familiar than it is time for a make-up bag detox.

Out of date make-up is bad news. Make-up past its use by date can carry harmful bacteria that can cause eye infections, irritations and rashes. Did you know that make-up, like food, has a use by date? If you look on the back of your products you will see a symbol like this:


This lets you know when the make-up ‘goes off’ after opening. The “M” stands for months so in this example this product needs to be used within 12 months. Here is our make-up timeline to help you know when to chuck it and when to keep it!

If after reading our blog your make-up bag has had a serious clear out then why not check out our favourite handbag heroes to replace your out of date products here.

* Emma Leslie, Beauty Editor at Escentual.com


Friday 22nd May 2015

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