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Your beauty secrets

Your beauty secrets


We have been running our #beautysecrets competition throughout the autumn and you have all been so wonderful in sharing your beauty tips with us that we wanted to say a big thank you and share some of our favourites so far.

Always moisturise after a shower whilst your pores are open.
Ges Southwood, Celmsford

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.
Saamantha Carr, Plymouth

If you're not going anywhere when you get home, cleanse and exfoliate. No point sitting there in makeup when your skin can be breathing.
Kelly Littlewood, Rugeley

Avocado and lime crushed and left on your face for ten minutes makes an excellent and wonderful smelling facemask.
Carla Morris, Lichfield

Vaseline is a lifesaver - put it on your eyelashes before bed and it helps thicken them up.
Rebecaa Inman, Lincoln

I always keep some dryer sheets in my handbag - great for combatting frizz especially in the summer. Slide it down the hair on both sides and voila! frizz should be eliminated!
Lisa Hughes, Cleckheaton

Coconut oil....fab as a hair mask and face mask!
Vikki Armstrong, Musselburg

Heat your eyelash curlers with a hair dryer.
Kirsty Pulsakowska, Reading

Here's a simple tip a beautiful friend of my mother's shared with her and that she then shared with me. Sunscreen on your face neck and decolletage every morning to keep you glowing and wrinkle-free.
Hattie Campbell-Kirby, Cambridge

My beauty secret for soft hands is to rub moisturiser into your hands (doesn't have to be expensive) and pop a pair of cotton gloves on overnight. Resulting in beautifully soft hands in the morning.
Julie Elmes, Slough

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