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Winter warmer curry recipes

Winter warmer curry recipes

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We all know we are about to launch into excessive amounts of roast dinners and mince pies as the festive season gallops towards us faster than Santa’s sleigh. And although we are all self-confessed Christmas lovers at S&G HQ, we also do love a recipe for an alternative winter warmer meal… the delicious curry! Here are a few of our favourite recipe suggestions.


Tinsel and Tikka

Did you know that it is rumoured that Chicken Tikka Masala was a dish originating from Britain? A creation made from a chicken curry and tomato soup during a dark cold Glaswegian night when a truck diver stopped off for a curry and announced to the kitchens that his curry was dry, causing the chef to add tomato soup to the recipe. And voila, the tikka was born!

Jamie Oliver never fails to disappoint with his recipes and we love his fantastic fish tikka for a twist on the traditional chicken dish. This particular recipe is from his “Save with Jamie” range so keeps your purse happy too!



Korma for Christmas?

Olivia at S&G HQ swears by “The Urban Rajah’s” recipes and loves this traditional lamb korma recipe.

This particular recipe has a love story attached to it. The chef’s aunty found her soulmate in a mixed culture relationship, which many said would fail. However, their devotion to one another was clear to see and they lived a happily married life. This was her favourite dish named after her by her nephew as a “Kismet Korma” (which means it’s “meant to be”) because for his aunty it was love at first sight for her and her husband and it was also love at first bite for her beloved nephew’s korma!

With its deep flavours and rich intense sauce, this recipe is a winter dinner party delight!



Santa’s Spicy Pork Curry

You may have heard or seen the delightful Anjum Anand before, she was dubbed the “Nigella Lawson of Indian cuisine in Britain” and her recipe book; I love curry is used almost weekly by Donna at S&G HQ.

We will be spicing up our winter evenings with this hearty and delicious pork curry and trying out Anjum Anand’s suggestion of serving with buttered fresh bread or even mash potato for a British twist!


We hope you have fun making these delicious recipes! If you are in the festive mood, why not read our blog on how to make a Christmas wreath.


28th November 2014

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