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Winter BBQ ideas!

Winter BBQ ideas!

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Us Brits are accustomed to wash-out summers and wet BBQs, so why let the party stop into the winter months? Add a cosy bonfire or firepit to your BBQ grilling to enjoy the outdoors and get festive, creating your very own German Market in your back garden!

Winter warmers

Heat up your party with some punch bowls with a twist. Mulled Wine is always a good option in the run up to Christmas, as well as some winter rum to put the fire in your bellies. For an alternative, child friendly option, Hot Chocolate with toasted marshmallows is always a big hit – our top tip is using a slow cooker to gradually heat your hot chocolate and marshmallows for a perfectly creamy cuppa.


Fireside favourites

Classic burgers and sausages are great for the summer, but add a winter twist with piping hot pulled pork burgers and pigs in blankets. Aim for finger food that you can pick at, especially if you’re huddling by the fire with your mitts on. Top off the feast with some roasted winter vegetables, chopped and peeled in the warmth, or jacket potatoes wrapped in foil: super easy to throw on the grill!


Snuggle setting on

Just because you’re outside, doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable! Add a bit of style to your BBQ by bringing out blankets and cushions, ensuring everyone is warm and dry. Some spare coats and scarves are a must for the forgetful guest (there’s always one!), or go the extra mile with hot-water bottles. Also, candles and fairy lights dotted around the garden is a top hack for setting the scene and adding a touch of cosy to your piece of wilderness.



After-dinner entertainment

As well as the allure of a warm, crackling fire, buy some sparklers for your guests to make some great photos. Alternatively, step up the party and get the neighbours involved with some fireworks and Christmas tunes!


Friday 27th November 2016

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