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What lipstick shade is right for your skin tone?

What lipstick shade is right for your skin tone?

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Who knew choosing a lipstick shade was more complicated than a GCSE science experiment? There is so much to consider and even when you follow all the instructions there are exceptions to the rules! We have decided to keep it simple and match up skin tones with lipstick shades (no test tubes or goggles required). If you want to get an A-star in Lip-ology, then read on.


Warm or cool skin tone?

If you are having trouble deciding if you have warm or cold skin tone, then we have pinched make-up artist and blogger extraordinaire Lisa Eldrige’s top tip for determining the answer. Take a peek at the inside of your arms (Ours haven’t seen the light of day since October!) . If your skin is pale and your veins look bright blue, then you have a cool skin tone, on warmer skin tones veins are less obvious.

Warm skin tones look amazing in peaches, oranges and corals like everyone’s favourite Jennifer Anniston. We think she would look great in this peachy shade from MAC Lipstick named “Sweet & Sour”. Cool skin tones such as the adorable Zooey Deschanel should go for rosy pinks, violets and deep, blue-based reds. We think she would look fab in No.7 Lipstick shade “Pink Blush”.


Lipstick colours for dark skin tones

There are so many gorgeous shades of dark skin and the great news is almost all lipsticks will pretty much suit all tones! However, we have delved a little deeper to discover more.

Lighter dark skin will look stunning in pale and deep pinks, with peach and red shades also a firm favourite. Medium-toned skin can pull off reds, bronze and deep browns whereas dark and rich skin will compliment fuchsia, chocolate brown and magenta.


We love L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche L’extraordinaire in “Rose Melody” and it is a close match for Beyonce’s pinky lip glow! Jennifer Hudson looks gorgeous in striking red lipstick and we have matched her up with Rimmel London’s ravishing red lippy called “01” (catchy!).

We think beautiful actress Lupita Nyong’o would look stunning in a bronze lipstick such as “Diva” from MAC.


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18th February 2014

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