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Vegan for a day

Vegan for a day

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Goodbye cup of milky tea with half a sugar, au revoir ham sarnie for lunch and auf wiedersehen afternoon Percy Pig binge... we are going vegan.

At Soft and Gentle HQ we always enjoy trying something new and this Wednesday was no exception as we took a #freshperspective on our diet and became a vegan for the day. Having a vegan diet means excluding all meat, eggs, dairy products and we are going the whole hog (ahem... whole falafel??) by also cutting out all foods that are processed using animal products such as white refined sugar. A well balanced vegan diet is rich in vitamins and minerals reported to give you higher energy, healthy skin, stronger hair and wonderful nails which has sold it in enough for us to give it a go!


Preparation seems to be the key with a vegan diet. We whipped up a batch of this tasty granola the night before and enjoyed it with soy yogurt the next morning and it was delicious!

Get the recipe for this special granola mix.

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Lunch envy

Again preparation the night before was essential for this lunch box salad, but as the recipe made enough for a few days we were not complaining. Bursting with yummy flavours and textures we had quite a few envious looks from our colleagues!

Squash and Barley Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette - get the recipe here.

Dinnertime delight

With the sun shining this vegan burger was the perfect way to finish a day of flavour filled meals. Heaven in a bun, it will please even the most carnivorous of husband!

Jamie Oliver’s Best Vegan Burger - get the recipe.

We have enjoyed our vegan experience and will certainly be having more vegan meals in the future! However we were wishing for a chicken drumstick at lunch to round off that delicious salad...

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15 May 2015


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