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Ultimate pamper evening

Ultimate pamper evening

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Whether you are prepping for that special valentine’s day date or looking forward to an evening of self-indulgence, this weekend we have a fullproof four-step plan to ultimate relaxation.


Step one: wash away the day!

The first step is to mentally and physically cleanse yourself of any stress you may have encountered this week. Calmly remember the highs and lows of the past few days for 10 minutes of reflection then put any negative thoughts on hold.

Next it’s time to cleanse your face, we love The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. Slather it on and wipe off with damp cotton wool pads and your skin will feel clean, refreshed and pampered.



Step two: Mask up

It wouldn’t be the ultimate pamper evening without treating your hair and skin to a luxurious mask! We love using this Seaweed and Mud Hair Mask bursting with natural ingredients from Lush, the perfect remedy to dry, damaged hair. If you only want “good things” for your skin then try out this Radiance Face Mask developed by award-winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis who uses Manuka Honey to keep your skin clear and hydrated.



Step three: Bath time

The only type of running that is always enjoyable… running a bath! Make sure you use some calming and scrumptious smelling bubble bath. We at Soft & Gentle HQ love this Calendula and Rose Radox soak. Light a few candles and soak into the bubbles whilst your hair and facemasks do the hard work.

After your relaxing soak, spritz on some of our Jasmine and Coco Milk 48-hour anti-perspirant deodorant for a soft and sweet smelling fragrance.


Step four: Soft & Gentle says RELAX

Rather than rush off headlong back into the chaos of life, spend the next hour (or as long as you can get away with!) sipping hot chocolate, watching your favourite feel-good film in your onesie.

Need some inspiration for a perfect hairstyle for valentine’s day? Then make sure check out our blog here.


13th February 2015

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