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Trendy Selfies

Trendy Selfies

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As you know, we here at Soft & Gentle HQ have been exploring the weird and wonderful world of selfies this month. We have been from the bizarre to the downright funny in our research for this week’s blog as we take a tentative step into the world of “selfie trends”.

The cavity pose

You do not need a trip to the dentist to re-create this pose. Originating in Japan, the cavity pose is exactly what it says on the tin! Pretending you have a toothache by posing with your hand over your face.

The aim of the pose (apparently) is to create a slim and smaller face shape… We here at Soft & Gentle say why hide almost half of those pretty features with your hand? However it has potential for showing off some great nail art!

The Healthie

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, these #healthie snaps of mid-gym workouts, healthy breakfasts and yoga poses are posted for inspiration. Our favourite trend on this list as we love anything that promotes a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Hair Smile

Let your hair do the talking with this trend. With hair obscuring most of your face, we are wondering if the inspiration for this trend came from “Cousin It”? If so, we were doing these on our disposable cameras in the 90s.

The Sparrow

No, we haven’t turned to twitching just yet, “the sparrow” is the evolution of the favoured “duck” pose used throughout 2012. Wide eyed with a slightly parted mouth, the sparrow is subtler than the duck, however we here at Soft & Gentle still prefer a good old fashioned smile!


Photobombing is probably the most famous selfie trend at the moment. Fancy a good giggle? Why not visit our blog on animal photobombing.

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27th August 2014

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