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Top baking tips

Top baking tips

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Since August, every Wednesday at 8pm we have been sitting down with Mary, Paul, Sue, Mel, a large cup of tea and a slice of cake, judging from the comfort of our sofa as the merry band of bakers battle it out to be crowned the king or queen of Great British Bake off tent.

Here at Soft & Gentle HQ, we are a mix of cake baking ability; from forgetting the sugar and adding it whilst the cake is already in the oven (not advisable) to beautiful banana cakes that even Mary Berry would be proud of.

So we thought we would collect our baking knowledge to give you some (of the better) top tips that could get you in the Paul Hollywood’s hall of fame.

1. Thinking outside of the egg box: Using cold eggs from the fridge could mean that your cake wont emulsify properly, therefore make sure you use eggs at room temperature.

2. Gently does it: When placing your creation in the oven, do it with as much care as Paul Hollywood takes over his hair, and do not slam the door as this releases air bubbles from the mixture.

3. Frosty reception: Drop a spot of frosting under your cake when you are about to frost as this will stop the cake moving.

4. Oh crumbs!: Brush your cake with apricot jam when cooled to avoid crumbs in the icing.

5. Patience is golden: Don’t open the oven door until at least a third of the way through cooking, or the cake might sink.

6. Agent soda: Baking soda is a “leavening agent” which means it produces Carbon Dioxide to help the cake rise. Our top tip when using baking soda is to make sure you bake as quickly as possible once the ingredients are mixed to avoid flat cakes. If this has ticked your taste buds, why not check out our blog on 5 things to do with chocolate!

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26th September 2014

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