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The underflick

The underflick

#dontsweatit Beauty

We at Soft and Gentle HQ are all about taking a #freshperspective this summer, from new make up tips to healthy recipes; we’ll be bringing you our take on the small things which can make for a fresh perspective.

Last week we gave you some tips on contouring for beginners and this week we are exploring the underflick!

Make up is a great way to express yourself and lets be honest we can all get in to a bit of a rut sometimes! With our new #freshperspective attitude we want to take the everyday and turn it into something a little more special, so why not try this simple trick to brighten up your make up routine.

Start with a smoky eye or natural eye makeup with a slick of eyeliner.


Next take a brightly coloured eyeliner, we love this Maybelline Chromatics Eyeliner in Turquoise Vibe or Purple Light and sweep under your eye from about ¾ of the way along and extending out just past the top flick.




It’s as easy as that!

If we’ve inspired you to give the underflick a whirl and feel like you are ready venture into the world of lipstick, then make sure you check out our blog on lipstick shades here.


9th April 2015

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