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Summer 2015 shoe trends

Summer 2015 shoe trends

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This summer we have been spoilt for choice by the wide range of shoe styles on offer! We wanted to delve a little bit deeper into the history of some our summer shoe hero’s whilst bringing you our favourite trends for summer 2015.

Mull over some Mules

Since the 1950s the Mule has been dividing the country as the subject of many a fashion debate. Mule is a French word for a style of shoe that is backless and often close-toed and has suffered criticism with fashionistas the world over. In the late 1990s the open-toe form arrived and it is now a firm fashion favourite for many women. We are divided in the office but even the most anti-mule among us can’t deny these three beauties!


Gladiator sandals making us giddy

We can’t remember a summer season where the Gladiator sandal hasn’t reigned supreme. Perhaps one of the oldest fashion shoe trends, the Gladiator sandal or “Caligae” has been around since 753 BC when the Roman Military marched in style. Back to 2015 we were overwhelmed by the choice available and had trouble selecting out favourites!


Espadrille excellence

A firm fashion favourite with men and women alike the espadrille had a far more humble background. Originally created in France and Spain as an easy to wear utility shoe the modest espadrille shot to fame in the 1940s when style icons such as Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth were seen sporting a pair.


If you feel like getting crafty and making your own The Makery has this fab tutorial:

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Wednesday 12th August 2015

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