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Street ‘food’ fight!

Street ‘food’ fight!

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As the world cup continues, rivalries blossom. This week, Nigeria faces Argentina, and star players from both teams Obi Mikel and Lionel Messi take to the pitch for the third time against each other in a major tournament to help their team to glory.

In honour of this rivalry, we have been discovering what street food could be devoured during half time in both Nigeria and Argentina. Nigeria has many bold and spicy street foods available (emphasis on the spicy!) but the firm favourite and most widely spread is Suya. Suya is a simple dish of barbequed meat usually beef, marinated in peanut oil, salt, cayenne pepper and garlic. For ease of serving, this delicious dish is sometimes sold in a pancake-like bread.

A recipe for Suya can be found here: http://www.food.com/recipe/nigerian-suya-309911

You will be spoilt for choice with street food in Argentina, but we have heard that nothing feels more Argentinian that snacking on a Choripan as you saunter down the street to watch the footie. The Choripan is named from the words chorizo, a sausage, and pan, meaning bread. Culture dictates that you slather the chorizo sausage in a selection of sauces, such as the Argentinian chimichurri, until it’s unavoidable to have some dripping down your face, hands and arms and get really Messi.

A recipe for chimichurri can be found here: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/chimichurri/

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