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Spring clean your mind

Spring clean your mind

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We at Soft & Gentle HQ are preparing for a spring clean and not just the type that involves a pair of Marigolds! This year, we are also giving our mind and soul a spring clean and we have picked our top six ways to a fresh start.


1. Power of positivity

It is easier said that done but emphasising your positive emotions can really help you to feel happier! Rather than using the walk to work or your morning routine to worry about the day ahead, try and pick out five positive thoughts and focus on these instead.


2. Get rid of the energy vampire

Do you have a friend who only takes and never gives? Someone who you have started dreading to meet up with because you are always left feeling exhausted and anxious? If the answer is yes then you have an energy vampire in your life. If talking to them hasn’t helped your relationship, it could be time to close the coffin for good and make the difficult decision to cut that person out of your life for good.


3. Expel a fear

Holding on to your fears will have a draining and negative impact on your life, so this Spring in the words of Disney’s Elsa, just “let it go!”. It could be trying out a new food, jumping out of a plane or simply speaking up in a meeting and you will find that overcoming your fears is incredibly satisfying.



4. Ditch a bad habit

At Soft & Gentle HQ we agree that “getting into a bad habit is a bit like getting into a cosy bed…easy to get into but difficult to get back out!” Bad habits are only good for wasting time so why not try and swap your bad habits for good ones instead.


5. Have a clear out!

The physical act of cleaning and having a clear out is almost guaranteed to leave you feeling a sense of achievement and clarity. It is better still when you finally get round to tidying that area of the home, office, shed or shoe rack that’s been waiting to be sorted since last May!



6. Work on your goals

In the whirlwind that is life, make sure you don’t forget to work on your own personal goals. Set aside some time to think what would you like to achieve this year and whether its to write a poem, lose an inch off your waist or become “THE” master of baking a perfect apple pie, make sure you give yourself the time to accomplish your goals.


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23rd Feb 2015

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