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The Soft & Gentle celebrity selfie awards

The Soft & Gentle celebrity selfie awards

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Award for: Best group shot

We love this group selfie from Ellen Degeneres, so many happy smiles and great teeth on show.

Award for: Best bathroom selfie

Check out this pair of silver foxes! We think Paul Hollywood and Philip Schofield must be on the same bathroom break schedule… hope they washed their hands!

Award for: Best supporting prop

Looks like Jamie Foxx wants his pizza back Corinne!

Award for: Best funny faces

Let’s hope the wind doesn’t change Joeseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson!

Award for: Best Wimbledon selfie

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon play snap in this selfie… blue suit; check, sunglasses; check, stubble; check.

Award for: Happiest men with bow ties on

A very dapper looking Tom Hanks and Steve Martin share an excited grin.

Award for: Best shouting selfie

Ricky Gervais catches himself mid-scream at the premiere of the Muppets movie; we love the little boy in the background giving the pose his all!

Award for: Best pout

James Corden and Prince show off well-practiced pouts.

Award for: Most “out of this world” selfie

Selfies are not just going global, but are heading into out of space! This JAXA astronaut, Aki Hoshide, took this amazing shot in 2012.

Honourable Mention

We just loved this hilarious photo bomb of Modern Families Jesse Tyler-Ferguson and New Girl’s Zooey Deschanelat and had to share it with you!

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