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Rainy day activities for families

Rainy day activities for families

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the kids are calling you boring… Sounds familiar? Well, don’t sweat it, we have compiled a list of our top 5 fun activities to do with children when the sun won’t put is hat on!


Treasure hunt!

Get your children to dress up as pirates in their room whilst you go about placing handwritten clues in various places around the house. Then round up your scurvy crew and embark on your shipshape adventure together using your best pirate voice. 

Top tip: prolong the day by making a pirate flag together for the crew’s captain to carry on the treasure hunt.


Pizza Chef’s

It is time to play chef! Once all hands are washed and aprons are on, lay out a selection of pre-made pizza bases and lots of tasty ingredients and get your mini Jamie Olivier’s to create pizza masterpieces. Once cooked, slice up and enjoy!


Frozen Spoons

If you don’t know who Elsa and Olaf are you must have been living in “a Kingdom of Isolation”. We have created an easy step-by-step guide to make your very own Elsa and Anna spoons. Once created, your children can even put on a puppet show for you!

Click here for our step by step guide.

Robot Day

Start your day by getting creative! Have a look through the recycling bin and pick out some cardboard boxes, loo rolls and anything a bit futuristic looking. Arm your robot with tin foil, child-friendly PVA glue and any left over craft materials and get building! When your little robots are finished playing, have a cosy afternoon continuing the theme by watching a futuristic film, such as Wall-E.



Book Worms

Firstly, make a super snuggly den out of the sofa with some duvets and cushions. Then, take into the den a selection of you and your child’s favourite books and snacks and spend the day reading together. Whilst the inspiration is flowing, take some paper and crayons into the den and encourage your little one to create their own storybook or draw their favourite characters. 

We hope you enjoyed our rainy day suggestions and the next time you wake up to a grey Sunday it will end up being a FUNDAY.

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