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Quick cleaning cheats for your January spruce up

Quick cleaning cheats for your January spruce up

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If you (like us) have finally finished putting all the Christmas decorations away only to discover everything else that needs doing – never fear! Check out these top tips to speed up your January spruce up and keep on top of the chaos!

1. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda fixes everything! Use to treat pesky carpet stains and once your done, pour down the sink to get rid of that stink that’s been lingering…

2. Throw all kids plastic toys into the dishwasher to quickly clean and disinfect them ready for playtime.

3. Place a sock on your hands to quickly clean the dust off of any blinds – Shhh we won’t tell!

4. Always losing those teeny tiny baby socks in the wash? Place baby clothes inside a mesh wash bag and throw in the wash to keep them together and protected from snags and stretching.

5. Use a squeegee to remove any animal hair from carpets.

6. Do your kid’s toys tend to migrate around the house? Place baskets on the bottom of the stairs with their names on to encourage them to tidy up after themselves! Worth a try right?!

Do you have any speedy cleaning hacks of your own?


Thursday 28th January 2016

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