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Quick and easy beauty tricks

Quick and easy beauty tricks

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On the school run? Late for work? Just don’t have the time? There’s no excuse to abandon your beauty regime with these quick and easy make-up tips for those in a rush!


1. If you’re looking a bit pale, but you’ve left your blusher at home, try dabbing lipstick on your cheeks and blending in. Hello rosy blush!

2. If you’ve never had much confidence in your liquid eyeliner flicks (like us!) use a credit card to make a perfectly straight line for your flicks. Shhh, it’s not cheating! View the video below for a tutorial on how to use cards for make-up


3. A good tip to know if you have limited time: choose one! Choose to play up either your eyes or lips, not both. A strong smokey eye or bold red lippy will give the illusion of a done-up face.


4. If you want to fake fuller lips, apply a light eye pencil or bronzer to your cupids bow and in the centre of your lower lip before you apply lipstick, it’ll make the colour really pop!

5. Use shimmer eye shadow in the corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop and to hide tired shadows…not that we have any of them! ;)


6. Forgotten to apply highlighter…again? If you’ve got some vaseline in your handbag, dab and blend some into your cheek bones for a gorgeous dewy look. Don’t forget your lips while you’re there!

7. Need full lashes quickly? Carefully dust some face powder on your lashes with an eye shadow brush in between applications to make them look fuller.

8. If you value your sleep over curling your hair in the mornings, plaiting hair before you go to bed is a great way to get beachy-curls in the morning.

9. Need to quickly deal with those pesky flyaway hairs? A bit of hairspray on an old toothbrush will do the trick, just comb back to get your speedy, sleek up-do.

If you’ve only allowed yourself a teeny-tiny time window in the morning, check out our blog below how to perfect your 10 minute beauty regime!


Wednesday 20th April 2016 

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