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Perfect fuss-free date hair

Perfect fuss-free date hair

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and even if your hot date on Saturday night is with two men called “Ben and Jerry”, we want to give you 3 fab hairstyles that are perfect for whatever you have planned!


How to create a chignon


A chignon is the perfect go-to hairstyle for a fancy meal out. Teamed with drop earrings and a simple dress, you will look flawlessly classy! We love this guide for a simple chignon from yetanotherbeautysite.com


How to do a fishtail plait


The fishtail plait has been around for a while now and we here at Soft & Gentle HQ have been avoiding trying it out it as it looks like it would be really complicated to achieve…however watching this video with Lauren Conrad we realise it’s actually pretty easy!


How to create tousled waves


For us, the “just got out of bed look” is more Edward Scissorhands than Blake Lively, however the illusive tousled waves can be achieved in a few simple steps:

1. Blow dry your hair to get in some volume at the roots, and scrunch dry the rest to extenuate your natural wave, try and avoid brushing it too much (as temping as that is!)

2. Take random sections and curl large loose waves with a large curling iron, avoiding getting too close to the roots.

3. Run through with your fingers and add more texture by adding some dry shampoo or salt-based spray. We hope we have helped you pick your perfect Valentine’s day hairstyle! If you want to pamper yourself even more, make sure you come back on Friday for our ultimate night in pamper guide!


11th February 2015


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