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Need more energy?

Need more energy?

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Falling asleep at your desk? Feeling more blah than brilliant? Then #dontsweatit, we’ve got five suggestions to get you leaping out of bed and full of energy for the whole day.

Sweet dreams

We know it’s not rocket science but a great night’s sleep will leave you feeling fresh as a daisy! Check out our blog on tips for sleeping like a baby here.


Mood boosting scent

All our Soft & Gentle deodorants don’t only have 48-hour protection against sweat and odours but our uplifting scents will leave you feeling energised. Why not put an extra spring in your step with a spray of our fruity orange blossom and grapefruit fragrance! Learn more here.



Breakfast boost!

Eating breakfast helps to set you up for a busy day! We have been exploring why in our blog on healthy New Year resolutions, check it out for some great tips.



Snacking is no longer frowned upon (hurray!). Just stay away from sugary snacks and stick to healthy munchies! This helps to avoid spikes and dips in your blood sugar and therefore reduces the chance of you falling asleep on your desk.

Here are some of our favourite snacks:
- Banana with a small spoon of peanut butter
- Handful of mixed nuts and an apple
- Plain natural yogurt
- Wholemeal crackers and small scoop of hummus
- Water – OK this isn’t a snack but staying hydrated helps to keep you energised!



Dress to impress

As much as we love to be cosy you can’t expect to feel energised in pyjamas, plus the boss really frowns on animal fluffy onesies in board meetings…


Another great way to feel energised is to fit some regular exercise into your routine! Read our blog for some cheap exercise suggestions!

28th January 2015

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