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Nailed it!

Nailed it!

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Beautiful nails play an important part of a woman’s look, they are a personal little accessory that really shows you take care in your appearance.

It has been an exciting year for our nails. With summer seeing a huge increase in graphic nail art and a surge in “do it yourself” tips and videos ,we here at Soft & Gentle loved “making an impression” with our summery nail colours!

And as we head into Autumn the fun isn’t over yet! Inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2014 catwalks we can’t stop talking about the new and exciting trends for us nail fans to follow.

It’s time to put catwalk style (literally) at your fingertips!

Go nude
By far the most popular nail trend on the catwalk for next season was nude nails, a trend that we remember from years ago! The catwalk was all about sheer pretty pinks and opaque nails, the best bit is the look can be achieved in minutes!

50 shades of grey
Not only popular on the big screen, grey is the new must have colour of the season. From all over dark matte grey to just tips of shiny metallic, this trend is here to stay.

Red’y steady go!
We are all used to a lick of red nail polish as our go to nail colour, why not update your look by using deep reds and burgundy’s to be ahead of the fashion pack. A colour that goes with almost all outfits and makes us feel very feminine.

Top Tip - If you’re wearing a bright or dark colour then it’s a good idea to wear an ‘undercoat’ of clear polish, so as not to stain your nails. If it looks lumpy, resist the urge to ‘touch up’ the polish. Take the whole thing off and start again. It’s worth it.

Graphic art
We saw this in summer and are excited that our new skills in nail art are not going to waste! Taking the above trends and turning them into nail art, for example metallic greys with a hint of added glitz, or two shades of red will give you serious style points.

Golden girl
Go for gold! An all over finish in a shimmering gold or gold tips and you will ensure you always win in the style stakes.

Wait! Let me take a selfie!
The latest and greatest nail trend is the cavity pose. It’s essentially faking toothache while posing for a selfie. Like many zany photographic crazes, it originated in Japan but the result is rather pleasing elegant-looking selfies, which (handily!) capture your freshly decorated nails.

Watch this space for touch-your (broken?) toes selfies but for now that’s the toothache selfie, nailed.

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15th August 2014

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