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January sale fever

January sale fever

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Since the first day back to work, our office has been littered with shopping bags as many of us have made the lunchtime dash to the January sales. To highlight the excitement this has caused, we thought we would put together a list of five things that only us women will understand about sales!


1. Sale blindness

We have all done it, rushed into the shops eager to pick up a bargain and as soon as our eyes fall upon the rows and rows of rails all with tempting red stickers slapped onto the clothes labels, we are sent into some kind of frenzy.
We blindly snatch up 10 items (which almost always includes something sparkly) and before you know it we are at the till! Which leads us on to point two...


2. Buyers remorse

You spent £20 and managed to get two tops and a dress, excellent right? No! The tops don't fit and the dress would have been great 5 years ago but these days you need about 3 inches added to the hem. Why do we do it to ourselves?


3. Faulty towers

Whether it's missing a button, has a small hole or is just generally broken; take it from us you won't fix it! But the temptation is too great and we take it to the till and haggle another £3 off so it is non-refundable and hand over the debit card.


4. Lurking

Whether you are the lurker or the lurkee, this is a common activity around the sale rails. Everyone is carefully sifting through the rails and you spot the shopper next to you is holding up the PERFECT jumper that you simply must have...but wait there is only one size ten! You inch forward ready to swoop up the item up if she discards it, but on her left a fellow size ten shopper is also eyeing it up...you both eagerly wait on the verge of a nervous breakdown to be the first to grab that jumper, only to get it home and never wear it...ever.


5. The one

Point 5 is the reason we put ourselves through points 1 – 4, there is always that slim possibility that we will find the perfect item in the sale rail. That sweet feeling of getting THAT dress you have been eyeing up for months in the right size with a whopping 60% off. Lets just say it makes it (almost) all worth it. Not set any New Year Resolutions yet? Why not check out our list of achievable healthy resolutions here.


9th January 2015

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