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Inspiration from our fragrance range

Inspiration from our fragrance range

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If you have had a look at our product pages you will know we have a wide range of beautiful fragranced anti-perspirant deodorants. This Friday we are getting inspired by our fragrance range and getting in the kitchen…yes you read correctly! 

Orange inspiration

Our orange blossom & grapefruit anti-perspirant deodorant has a fruity fragrance with delicate tones of freesia for a clean scent. Inspired by this we have been looking up this delicious citrusy GIANT orange Jaffa cake.


Everything is rosey!

What girl doesn’t love flowers? The scent of our wild rose and vanilla anti-perspirant deodorant has a tender blend of fresh roses and vanilla to give you a spring in your step. We love the vintage use of roses in cooking and can’t wait to make these delicate individual rose jellies for our next garden party.


Melon medley

The light top notes of watermelon and refreshing tones of lotus flower in our lotus & watermelon anti-perspirant deodorant helps you to stay cool in the high of summer. This delicious summer watermelon salad is a perfect alternative to the usual limp green salad at a BBQ.



The sweet and fresh tones of the bergamot and pear in our pear & cottonflower anti-perspirant deodorant are well balanced with the soft and comforting fragrance of cottonflower. If you need inspiration for a tasty appetiser why not try out this delicious pear and blue cheese creation.

If you liked learning about our fragrances and want to find out which one suits your personality take our quiz here.


Friday 1st May

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