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How to pamper yourself on a budget!

How to pamper yourself on a budget!

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Everyone needs some pampering now and then and a tight budget shouldn’t prevent you from relaxing and having some me-time. Read on for some cheap and easy tips for creating your own home spa and for making yourself feel a million dollars!


Scented serenity

Scented candles often cost a bomb, but there’s no need to give them up for your pamper session! Some large candle companies produce ‘sample’ sizes or ‘votives’ which are mini versions of the larger, more expensive candles. Opt for these purse-friendly and smaller versions, which still provide up to 4 hours of burn time – perfect if you’re planning a lot of relaxing!

One night scrub

Some high-end or luxury spa products such as body scrubs or hair masks often come in sample sachets or travel-sized bottles. So, if you’re planning a cheap, one-off spa night, save some dosh by going for the smaller option!


Make-up miracle

Make-up stands at large department stores offer up free make-up trials for you to try out which products best suit your skin and how to correctly apply them. This is great opportunity to try out some new make-up, pick up some free samples AND look like a superstar!

However, bear in mind most make-up artists work on commission, so you may be pushed to purchase something.


Awesome aroma

To turn your evening soak into a luxury spa by adding a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil into a hot bath. Lavender is famous for its relaxing and soothing properties and is often used in aromatherapy, so get your chill on!

To really embrace the spirit of pampering, run a hot bath, grab a glass of wine and a box of chocolates and relax and indulge!

Also, if you’re feeling really creative, try making your own pamper recipe. Green Tea is a great antioxidant and also works well as a scrub for exfoliating the face. Check out our recipe below and try it yourself…

You will need:
Green Tea leaves
Olive Oil

Simply combine all the products in a bowl and using your fingertips, massage onto your skin for 30 seconds. Once done, rinse of and feel refreshed!


29th February 2016 

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