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How to get the bed hair look

How to get the bed hair look

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We at S&G HQ are not exactly sure who the first woman was to wake up with sexy tousled hair like Giselle Bundchen and claim that this “look” was achieved by lazily stepping out of bed but we feel she has set us all up! If you are like us and wake up looking more along the lines of poor Tiddles here, but want to emulate a natural “bed head” look then read on!

1. Firstly when you wake up go against all your natural instincts and do not reach for your hairbrush, but gently calm those morning locks with a wide-tooth comb.

2. Work some texture spray or hairspray into your roots for volume and if your hair is super fine/flat backcomb lower sections for added lift. We love this “give me texture” spray from VO5 at just over £3 from Boots.


3. Choose your curling weapon of choice! We will be using this Remington Pearl Curling Wand in pink and black. Take 1inch sections of hair and curl around the widest part of the barrel alternating with the thinner part of the barrel to create different size curls. After heating each curl pin up to give your hair time to set.

Our top tip is to remember the look we are going for isn’t perfect prom queen so don’t worry if your curling skills are a bit haphazard!


4. Give your hair time to set then remove all clips and flip your hair upside down and really ruffle it up.

5. Finally find your parting and run your fingers through your hair and scrunch until you have the desired “bed hair” effect. Set with a spritz of hairspray if needed. Fancy a change of hairstyle? Then check out our blog on the must have cut of the summer The Bob!

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23 April 2015


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