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How to avoid static hair

How to avoid static hair

The air is full of electricity today, static electricity that is! In this chilly weather, a lack of moisture in the air causes hair to become static. Here are our top tips to combat the attack of the flyaways.


Start your static prevention in the shower by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner as dry hair is more susceptible to static. Why not go one better and use a leave in conditioner for extra moisturised locks.


Leave hair to part-dry naturally and then use an ionic hairdryer to finish off. Not only does an ionic hairdryer speed up the time it takes to dry your hair but it also helps to neutralise the electric charge that creates static hair. 


Using a frizz control spray or a mousse to weigh down flyaway strands works wonders! But our personal fave product tip is to spritz a bit of hairspray onto your brush and sweep through your hair to help keep it static free!


Using a natural bristle brush helps to distribute natural oils through the hair, keeping your hair moisturised and static free. It is also advisable to switch up your plastic comb for a metal, rubber or wooden one for the same reasons.


Might sound slightly crazy but wrapping your hairbrush in a tumble dryer sheet or gently smoothing one over your hair can reduce static. 


Out and about when the static attacks? Just spritz on a little water to neutralise the static energy or keep a stash of dryer sheets in your bag for emergency static moments.


Don’t rub your hair with a balloon!

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16 March 2015



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