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How to take a classy selfie

How to take a classy selfie


Since ‘selfie’ was named the official word of 2013, it has popped up everywhere. At Wimbledon: Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler self-snapped together; footballers celebrating a goal have grabbed fans for live-action selfies. In politics: selfies by Barack Obama and David Cameron have proven they are ‘down with the kids,’ while in entertainment Ellen DeGeneres'oscar selfie with Jennifer Lawrence, Brangelina, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep got retweeted by millions. Even the queen herself got involved in selfies when she photo-bombed Australian hockey team's selfies at the Commonwealth Games.

But how do you keep your selfie classy? Read on…

Light up the room
By all means, elevate the camera a little to point down on your face and avoid the dreaded double chin, but try to prevent shadows on the face. Lighting from directly above can create bags under the eyes or turn your nose into a sundial. For a coquettish look, tilt your head slightly to the side, point your chin down and lift your eyes up. Never selfie face-on, especially if you have a middle parting, or your selfie will be more Wednesday Adams than Kim Kardashian.

Face yourself
Mirror selfies can work but often the flash obscures your face. Many smartphones have evolved a second camera that is simply perfect for selfies. Switch to it and adjust your selfie to perfection in real time. Once you are happy, find the light, strike a pose and vogue. Pout if you want to but don’t overdo it or you will look like a duck.

Background basics
You’ve followed these tips, have taken your perfect selfie and now you are ready to post it on social media. Well done, you’re now the selfie expert! But don’t forget, the best selfies often offer something original; it could be a beautiful background, a rare bird, a chance meeting with a celebrity, or just something that provides your friends with a damn good laugh as per this llama.

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6th August 2014

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