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“Hottest defender contenders!”

“Hottest defender contenders!”


Here in the office, we are having a break from our morning meetings and have turned our attention to the pitch. The World Cup has brought many new attractive faces into our lives. This evening, our attention is on the Swiss and Argentinians as we have the arduous task of deciding which defender is easier on the eye, Fabian Schar or Ezequiel Garay?

The good-looking Fabian has a sculpted dreamy clean-shaven face, whereas the Ezequiel sports a stubbly manly beard and set of teeth that could blind you. We can confirm after extensive research that both have a torso that you could play like a xylophone (thank goodness for the end of game shirt swap etiquette) and a cheeky smile.

It is a close call but we have decided that Fabian is the man for us, come on Switzerland!

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