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Homemade Christmas present ideas

Homemade Christmas present ideas

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Are you stuck for Christmas present ideas this festive season? Do you want to treat your loved ones to something special and unique? Read on for some great homemade Christmas present inspiration!


1. Framed pressed flowers

Gather some flowers in the summer or seek out some winter-flowering violets and pansies and press into an old, heavy book for a week to flatten and preserve. After pressing, simply frame into a backless, glass frame for an elegant and vintage wall decoration.


2. Twine Tea light holder

Make your own rustic tea light holder using some garden twine wrapped around an old jam jar, perfect for warming up winter nights. Opt for red twine and glass frosting for a really festive feel! You can also place inside your loved one’s favourite scented candle for a lovely Christmas treat.

3. Handbound journals

Spice up and up-cycle a plain journal by wrapping the cover in wrapping paper or fabric, just like covering workbooks in school! Perfect for a floral fanatic or a festive fiend!


4. Hand-painted pine cones

This cute stocking filler looks great as a Christmas table decoration and is simple to do, a perfect present to make with kids on a rainy afternoon. Use nail varnish for a long-lasting colour that will ‘pop’ more.


5. Watercolour nail varnish mugs

Create gorgeous water-coloured mugs using just warm water and nail varnish. Fill up a plastic box with warm water and add a few drops of your chosen nail varnish and allow it to swirl in the water for a few seconds. Next, dunk your chosen mug into the water and allow the varnish to cling to it, creating a lovely marble-effect. Just remember not to put it in a dishwasher!


6. Handmade Christmas Baubles

Another great present to make with kids is some Christmas baubles to hang on the tree. Handy for all ages, you can choose to paint baubles with personalised messages or get them to draw Christmas figures onto paper or fabric to hang up with some glittery string. Easy peasy!

Finally, nothing really beats a good old Christmas jumper, if you have the skill (or the patience!) try knitting a personalised or themed one, perfect for your Star Wars or Frozen fans!

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Thursday 3rd December

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