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 Healthy alternatives for a naturally more confident you

Healthy alternatives for a naturally more confident you

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If you’re feeling sluggish, lacking in motivation and generally a bit down in the dumps, read on to achieve a naturally more confident you – in mind, body and soul!


1. Sweet Potatoes
Swap your white potatoes for nutrient-rich sweet potatoes. The colourful cousin of the classic English spud is a great antioxidant and contains a lot more fibre, making for much healthier bangers and mash!

2. Turkey
No, it’s not just for Christmas! Turkey is a great, low-fat and often much cheaper alternative to other meats, with a low calorie count and high nutrient level. For some great Turkey recipe inspiration, check out this recipe

3. Chia seeds
If food can be trendy, Chia seeds are this seasons new it-girl. These super-seeds provide a huge amount of nutrients with very little calories and are really easy to pop into any meal to boost your energy and keep you fuller for longer.



1. Set your own personal goals
Your fitness progress may not be much, but seeing that it was better than last time will be a huge confidence boost. Track your own progress and always put in place your own, personal goals.

2. Something small is better than nothing at all
The men in white coats say that just 20 minutes of intensive exercise a day is enough to boost your metabolism, which is great for those who struggle to find time to squeeze in a workout!

3. Walking it out
If you find yourself sleepy and sluggish in the afternoon, try walking during your work lunch break. It’s a great form of gentle exercise and can even make you more alert in the afternoon!



1. Breathe
It may sound a little too easy, but paying more attention to your breathing is actually great for your mind and body. Take time out of your day to breathe slowly and deliberately, helping you to release tension and fully relax.

2. Sleep
Let’s face it, we are always tired! With busy schedules, kids and housework we don’t always get the early night we promised ourselves. The fact is, we need those eight hours a night to be alert, present and healthy. Pencil in some serious sleep in the diary and wake up refreshed!

3. Be aware
We often walk around with our minds on auto-pilot. Do something different, become more aware of your routine and maybe even change it up. Walk a different way to work, try a new sport, keep a diary, anything! Our mind is muscle that needs to be exercised too.

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Wednesday 20th April 2016

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