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Happy Skin

Happy Skin


This autumn, we are going all “girl scouts” on our skin and being prepared! Every year, summer turns into autumn and before we know it it’s already cold outside and our skin is as flaky as a two-year-old mascara!

So how do you gain your “badge for happy skin” this autumn? Here are a few quick tips to prepare.


It may not come as a surprise, but the first step to avoiding dry skin is to moisturise more (we know, groundbreaking information!). After a shower or bath, try and moisturise within 3 minutes to trap in as much moisture as possible.

Change is good!

As Sheryl Crow once sang: a change would do you good. A moisturiser that worked wonders in summer may not be strong enough to keep your skin happy in winter, so switch it up for an oil-based rather than water-based type.

Cool it down

We know how amazing a nice hot shower is when you have finally made it out of your duvet cocoon in the morning, but showering in lukewarm water for shorter periods with help avoid dry skin.


Pollution protection

Be an eco-warrior for your skin and help protect yourself from pollution. Wash your face or use a gentle alcohol-free toner everyday, and if possible do this as soon as you get home. Another top tip is to exfoliate once or twice a week and make sure you keep hydrated to help cell production. Did you know kitchen cupboard ingredients could help with dry skin? Click here.


17 September 2014

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