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Halloween decorating

Halloween decorating

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If you (like us!) have left Halloween decorating to the last minute, never fear! Take the stress out of decorating and have a frightfully fun time with these simple and great DIY tips….

Coffin chocolate box

Give your trick or treaters a spooky surprise with this DIY coffin chocolate box. Using card, black paper and a LOT of sellotape, this simple design is a great way to add some fun to your evening.


Bat silhouette lamps

Cast some spooky shadows with these clever bat silhouettes. Simply cut out a creepy bat outline and stick to any lampshade to really get in the Halloween mood!


Spider bunting

Tell your guests to watch their heads with these suspended spiders! Using just some string and paper spider cut-outs, hang strategically about the house to add the fear-factor!


Jam Jar Pumpkin Lamps

Ran out of time to get a proper pumpkin? Create your own with some orange and black paper, a tea light and a jam jar. Wait until nightfall to see them glow!



Horror Movie Bathroom Scene

Channel your inner Hitchcock with some fake blood and an old shower curtain. Terrify your guests by designing a gruesome crime scene, complete with bloody splatters and hand marks!


Zombie Halloween costume

Thought DIY hand-made costumes are just for kids? Think again! If you have left costume ideas to the last minute, knock-up a simple and classic Zombie outfit with just an old t-shirt and some fake blood. Capture that ‘undead look’ by ripping the shirt and adding some bloody splatters. Try sprinkling some body powder on your hair and clothes too!


Stylish Halloween pom-poms

If you really want to embrace the spirit of Halloween, paper pom-poms are a great and easy way to decorate your house. Go ghostly with black tissue paper or replicate a pumpkin with some orange. Simply fold, tie and trim to make. To have a go yourself, click here to check out our tutorial!



Wednesday 21st October 2015

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