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A monumental thing happened today: jumpers appeared in the office. Yes, there is still a hint of a flip-flop under the desk and the sun is doing its best to rid us of our goose pimples, but it is official; Autumn is creeping up on us.

As we are preparing to say so long to summer, we are looking ahead to what Autumn/Winter 2014 will bring us in style, beauty and fashion (exciting!). Last week we delved into the world of nails, this week we have picked out 5 “hair-resistible” styles (see what we did there!) spotted on the catwalk.

1. Giddy up!

Saddle up ladies, ponytails are no longer just reserved for those days when your hair just WILL NOT BEHAVE - they are a look of the season.

Either worn low or high, adorn your ponytail with colourful braids and accessories to be right on trend. Fluff up hair with hairspray, and if you still have your crimpers from the 80’s, crimp a few sections…think show pony at a gymkhana and you will nail the look.

2. Wave goodbye…

… to bad hair days! A favourite style with us here in the office, “the wave” has got to be one of the easiest styles of the autumn to recreate. For loose waves, smooth a little leave in conditioner from the mid-end lengths of your hair, plait and leave in overnight. In the morning, let those wavy trusses down and shake around like a mermaid to get volume into your roots. Et voila!

3. Gym bunny

Two pieces of good news for this style:

1. You don’t actually have to go to the gym to wear this look
2. It is perfect for those days when you get out of the shower and realise you need to leave the house in 10 minutes

Part dry your hair, smooth in plenty of gloss and ruffle up, bung your locks into a low ponytail (two trends in one!) or secure with a few twists and pins and you are ready for the world!

4. Textured ballerina

Last year, the topknot reigned supreme, we all rushed out and bought a “doughnut” and I am not referring to the Krispy Kreams we had! This autumn, it is all about controlled mess and texture, think off-duty ballerina after a few hours in the sales.

We here at Soft & Gentle find that the “less effort” a look is, generally the more time it takes to perfect! Our advice would be don’t overthink it, there are so many variations on the catwalk that whatever your hair type or colour, you will find a version to suit you. To create the look, spray a little hairspray onto your brush and run through your hair. Collect into a bun and secure. To finish the style, tease with your fingers to get some texture.

5. Round the twist

Step one: Purchase some Kirby grips and hair bands

Step two: Have fun!

There is abundance of styles to create with a mix of plaits, twists and buns… This style is asking for some creativity so don’t be afraid to experiment. If it all goes wrong, don’t sweat it! Just bung your hair up into a textured ballerina and no one will be any the wiser.

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21st August 2014

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