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Frozen spoon characters

Frozen spoon characters

Do you wanna build a spoonman?

If your children love Frozen and you want to set them a creative challenge or if you are the 3rd parent in a row to be hosting a Frozen party and fancy giving the kids something different to do, then this is the blog for you!

For this simple and cheap activity, you will need (to make Elsa and Anna):

- 2 wooden spoons Wool (white and brown)
- Pens
- Glue 
- Tin foil 
- Scissors 
- Blue and pink material or paper (we used napkins!)


Step one

Gather strands of wool together into a bunch, leaving a loop at the top for Elsa’s fringe and then plait the rest of the wool.


Step two

Draw a face on to the spoon, gather the material around to make a dress and secure with a piece of wool.


Step three

Glue on the wool hair, add a tin foil crown and you are ready to let it go!


Step four

Repeat the steps to make Anna with the brown wool and pink material.

20 November 2014

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