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Fan-tastic fancy dress!

Fan-tastic fancy dress!


As we enter the semi- finals of the world cup we have to mention the outstanding fancy dress efforts made by the fans in temperatures sometimes reaching over 24 degrees. Each country has dressed to impress from the proudly patriotic to the downright crazy!

With only 4 teams remaining in the competition we have assessed the fancy dress efforts and decided who are our favourite fans!

First up up is Germany vs Brazil



Some superb efforts here, we salute a full bear suit in those temperatures and the commitment to staying suited and masked all day! However the enthusiasm on the Brazil’s fans faces just scores the win for us!

On Wednesday the Netherlands take on Argentina for a place in the final, who will come out on top for outfit effort?



Great efforts from Argentina, the face paint is certainly striking and the zebra outfit is inspired! But the Netherland’s fans secure the win for us! They are so dedicated that a phenomenon is named after them: “Oranjegekte”, meaning “orange craze”.

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