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Family board games

Family board games

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Fed up of communicating to your kids through Whatsapp? For some good old-fashioned family fun, opt for some board games that appeal to the whole family, from the classic and timeless board games, to modern, app-based fun!


The popular one: Pie Face - £15.89, Toys R US

Yes, it’s exactly as the name suggests! Apply some whipped cream to the sponge hand, turn the handles and hope you’re not the one who gets splatted in the face!



The cheap one: The Gruffalo Hide and Seek Mini Game - £4.99, Argos

A great choice for the little ones, this mini game is race to find where all the Gruffalo characters are hiding.


The travel one: Kids Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Game - £1.75, Tesco

For something to occupy little hands on long journeys (and hopefully avoid arguments!) try this magnetic Snakes and Ladders for 2 – 4 players.


The one for the family – Articulate, £25.89, Amazon

Swap texting for talking and get everyone involved in this fast-paced and description game. Describe as many words as possible in 30 seconds, warning: you may not finish this game due to too much laughter!


The classic one: Monopoly Despicable Me version - £9.99, Smyths

The classic property trading game has been updated and infested with mischievous minions! Spin your Minion Spinner to work your way around the board and help the Minions beat Gru’s evil plan. BANANA!


The modern one: ‘Heads up’ multiplayer app game, 79p

If pieces of paper stuck to foreheads is a bit old school you for, this game is perfect for the app-mad! Great for parties and very group-friendly, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is a bit like a modernized charades. Tilt your head up or down to proceed – just don’t forget which is which!


Tuesday 1st March 2016

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