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City chick survival

City chick survival

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Working in a city can definitely have its perks, when the sun is shining and the streets are filled with happy people it is glorious! Although who doesn’t love a good moan every now and then! This week we have been in stitches sharing our tales of city woes and in our #dontsweatit attitude we decided to have a bit of fun and share with you some of the little things that get us a bit frazzled.

That feeling when you get on to the tube… and realise it’s the wrong line.


The face you pull after blowing your nose and it comes out as black snot... (yep, that’s a thing!)


Carrying around at least 1 spare pair of shoes with you as the tube escalators + heels = disaster 


Constantly on the look out for the perfect oyster cardholder…and then the feeling when finding it!


Being squeezed in the rush hour crush and the stress of not smearing our perfectly applied make up on important looking businessman. 


Trusting our smart phone to get us to our meeting in the city but still not ending up in the right place… Starbucks anyone?


The time it will take us to run to the park to exercise is longer than we were planning to exercise or run in the park in the first place...


Always being in someone’s way and remembering to always KEEP LEFT!!


Waving at someone you think you know… but as you get closer realise you don’t


The outrage of having to wait 3 whole minutes for public transport to turn up. 


Only popping out to get a packet of crisps at the local shop and running into at least 10 people we know whilst in our PJs 


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Wednesday 29th April 2015 

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