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Christmas jumpers

Christmas jumpers

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Once deemed a fashion faux pas, the Christmas jumper has become a desirable fashion accessory of the festive season. Today is “Christmas Jumper Day” organised by Save the Children to raise money to help Children in 120 countries so don’t forget to donate! 

Here is a list of our favourite jumpers so make sure you get involved and wear a winter woolly this year. After all, this is the season to be jolly!

“Holidays are coming!”

If a chunky knit isn’t really your thing, why not try out this ultra cool Christmas jumper from ASOS teamed with a pleather skirt, statement earings and finish off with a bow!


"Oh deer"


We are wondering if the inspiration for this jumper came from the recent “smash” hit by the Chuckle Brothers and Tinie Tempah…Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Surprisingly soft, this jumper from Sainsbury’s is a must-have.


"SANTA! ...I know him!"


Feel a bit of a cotton-headed ninnymoggins as you channel your inner Elf with this woolly from Tesco.


"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree"


Light up someone’s day with this flashing spectacular jumper from ASDA, check out our instagram feed to see the lights in action!

We love a good Christmas knit, but here are some festive outfits that deserve a round of applause for effort!


Polar Express


How about this jumper with inbuilt train line?


Animal Crackers


Think Tiddles looks cute? Then check out our blog on animals in cute festive outfits here.


And when a jumper just isn’t enough….

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12 December 2014

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