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Chocolate 5 ways

Chocolate 5 ways

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As Argentina takes on Switzerland this evening, we have our sweet tooth ready with some yummy Swiss chocolate. If you are feeling more adventurous, here are 5 fun things you can do with chocolate.

1. Make a chocolate cake…in the microwave!
Mary Berry would shudder at the thought but follow this recipe and in 15 minutes you can have a ganache covered micro-cake ready to eat!


2. Play a game
Make chocolate last longer and jazz up half time with a fun game. All you need is a bar of chocolate, set of clothes (usually hat, scarf, coat, gloves…) and knife and fork. When a 6 is rolled, the player has to put on an item of clothing before trying to eat the chocolate using the knife and fork. This game turns everyone into hyperactive big kids! Try it.


3. Pair with flavour partners
Chocolate has many flavour paring friends from the slightly obvious; almond, banana and peanut to the down right bizzare; thyme, tomato and black pudding! Why not go all Heston Blumenthal on us and add chocolate to a cauliflower risotto for the Posh and Becks of all flavour parings! Delicious!

4. Have a bath in it!
Not a dream sequence, bathing in chocolate is actually good for you. The moisturising properties of chocolate can leave your skin feeling soft and glowing, whilst the serotonin-boosting effects of the chocolate will leave you feeling all smiles and rainbows.

5. Start your very own chocolate factory
Why should Willy Wonker have all the fun? Firstly travel to Loompaland and gather a merry band of Oompa-loompas, devise some secret recipes, create a river of flowing chocolate and buy a statement top hat, simple.

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