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Boost your body confidence

Boost your body confidence

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Christmas is well and truly over and all the treats we allowed ourselves over the festive season have left us feeling a little low on confidence! Add this to the dark cold weather and it is a recipe for the January blues.

We are going to try and lift your mood with our top tips for positive thinking when it comes to body image.


You look lovely today…

…You really do we promise! Most of us find it tricky to accept compliments that come our way. Our natural reaction is to squirm and say something like “Oh no I don’t! My hair is a mess” however next time just say thank you, you deserve it!


New approach

Feeling a little frumpy? Trying to improve your skin? Want to change your style? All these things wont happen overnight so why not approach your “self-improvement” like a work project. List your goals and deadlines to achieving what you want. Only you have the power to change how you feel, so give yourself whole responsibility and this pro-active feeling will instantly lift your mood.


Positive focus

Celebrate your best features. Next time you look in a mirror, compliment yourself on your cute button nose or pretty eyes! You will feel much better than if you focus on the bits you are not so keen on.


Sing it loud and proud

We have been doing this since we were angst-riddled teenagers! When you are feeling a bit low, pick a few tracks that make you feel good and blast them out loud and proud (singing along is optional, but advised). Our guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift – Shake it off.


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21st January 2015

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