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Best apps for selfies

Best apps for selfies

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It’s hard to resist the selfie craze, everyone is doing it! Our social media feeds are full of healthy-looking, pristine wonders… and it is no secret that some of those perfect looking pictures have been helped by a sneaky app!

We here at Soft and Gentle would like to share with you a few of our favourite tricks of the trade to enhance your natural beauty.

One of the worst kept secrets, Instagram allows you to sift through a selection of filters and apply in a click of a button, instantly blurring away blemishes and blotches and turning up the warmth to make your skin glow. Also very easy to share across social media sites, this app rates highly with our team.

Want to give your friends an idea of what is going on where you are but your mug is taking up most of the shot? Never fear! Download this great app which allows you to split your screen so you can take a picture at the front and back of the phone at the same time, great for capturing the moment.

In one tap you can have blemish free skin, whiter teeth and a sculpted face! You can go back into the photo and see the before and after to marvel at the difference. If you want to alter the changes that have been made, you can edit and select the changes you “dislike”. After all, who wants to be completely perfect?

Similar to Pixtr, Facetune allows you to alter and edit specific areas of the photograph and therefore can potentially create more accurate and natural looking effects. We want you to be able to leave those beautiful freckles in the shot!

Stop what you’re doing! CamMe could change the way you take a selfie forever. Using clever hand gestures, this ingenious app takes a photograph of you from afar by sensing your movement (avoiding the awkward arm issues!). We downloaded it here in the office for a test run, and advise having a solid surface to lean your phone up against for optimum photo-taking.

Want something a little different from your selfie, then why not try Funimate? This app turns a potentially mundane selfie into a fun picture or short animated film to share with friends and family. With lots of effects to choose from, this will allow you to create something fun and unique!
Just remember the golden rule of selfies … HAVE FUN!

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13th August 2014

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