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Beauty secrets in your kitchen cupboards – Oily skin and hair

Beauty secrets in your kitchen cupboards – Oily skin and hair


Does your washed hair look a bit greasy after only a few hours? And have you got a spot the size of the UK on your chin? #dontsweatit! Oily skin and hair are not just teenage problems; millions of adults have to deal with over enthusiastic oil glands every day, so you are not alone.

This blog has three top #beautysecrets kitchen recipes for oily complexions. Read on to find out what surprising ingredients can revamp your skin.

Breakfast club

Give your hair breakfast. Two great remedies for oily hair are tea and porridge! Tea contains tannic acid which acts as an astringent and reduces oiliness, whereas oats will soak up the oil and sooth an itchy scalp.

Method 1: Make two cups of tea, in one cup add milk and sugar if preferred and drink (optional step.) In the second, split the tea bag, pour in the boiling water and wait around 5 minutes until cool enough to rinse on to your hair. Leave on for around 10 minutes and wash as normal.

Method 2: Make porridge oats as per packet instructions and allow to cool, spread cool porridge over your hair leaving for 10 minutes before rinsing. If you make double you can enjoy a bowl whilst you wait for the hair mask to cool!

Oil aboard!

It is amazing how many natural ingredients you can use for healthier looking skin. This mask includes apples; which are rich in vitamin A and fruit acids, helping to remove old skin cells and give brighter skin; lemons to help to even out skin tone; oats to sooth and moisturise and finally egg whites to help shrink large pores on the skin surface thereby reducing excess sebum.

- ½ apple (or a large spoon of apple sauce)
- 1 tbsp. lemon juice
- ½ cup porridge oats
- 1 lightly beaten egg white

Method: Mix all ingredients together, apply to your face. Allow 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the goodness and rinse. Remember to use a light moisturiser afterwards.
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10th September 2014
Although these recipes are made with natural ingredients, we always advise caution especially if you suffer from skin allergies or sensitivity.

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