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6 steps to be Flawlessly French

6 steps to be Flawlessly French

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We are not sure who will win tonight’s head to head between Germany and France but one thing is for sure in the style stakes the French are the Crème de la crème!

As soon as we think of the French once our minds have dismissed visions of baguettes, camembert and strings of onions, we think of chic, elegant and enviously well-dressed woman. So how did they achieve this accolade as being one of the best dressed nations? Of having that “Je ne sais quoi?” Here are our 6 suggestions to get some of that French vavavoom!

Invest in your wardrobe
Did your Grandma ever say to you “buy cheap, buy twice?” well if she did she might have had a little French in her. The key to looking as chic as Coco Channel is to invest rather than shop, buy a few expensive quality items a season that will last. Another positive of investing in good quality basics is that they will carry you from day to night so you will always look well dressed, just add a splash of red lipstick and voilà you are ready for an impromptu glass of champagne with friends under the Eiffel Tower (or house wine in the local pub!).

Signature style
We have a tendency here in the office to run out and buy every new trend that’s on the market and litter our wardrobes with odd pieces from sale racks (we are still wondering if there is anyone out there who has ever successfully mastered neon?) The French have a different approach, usually picking a favourite style from a young age whether it’s boho chic, classic or sexy and sticking to it. Picking classic pieces that will stand the test of time and updating from season to season with trendy scarves, hats, bags and accessories.

No frump
Hands up who gets home and puts on their pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms? We thought we couldn’t be alone! For the French dressing down means removing the jacket, jewellery and adding a cashmere sweater to remain chic even when relaxing, makes our dressing gown wearing days seem positively slobbish!

Perfect fit even down to your pants!
Whatever size or shape French women make sure that the clothes they wear fit as if they were tailored to them, even down to the lingerie, which will be chosen to support, flatter or enhance the clothing worn.

Details, details, details!
Perfection is in the detail, set daily and weekly beauty rituals to make you feel confident and look great, there is no room for chipped nail varnish or dull skin when “being French”.

Dress for yourself and hold your head high
Something we feel passionately about here at Soft & Gentle is that all of us should celebrate who we are and be happy in our own skin. This is something the French have know for a long time. Sometimes misconstrued as arrogance, the French believe in themselves and if they have flaws they flaunt them like a fashion accessory. To walk like a French person focus on your posture, don’t slouch or drag your feet, stand tall and feel confident about who you are on the inside and it will shine through on the exterior.

One of our team walked out of the house today with a “French” mentality and had three compliments from strangers within 15 minutes!

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