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10-minute beauty regime

10-minute beauty regime


Do you often find yourself pressing the snooze button on your alarm and only having minutes to dash around to get ready? Don’t worry, we are exactly the same! Therefore we have put together our 10-minute beauty regime to help you in those moments of madness!

In the same way Jamie Oliver tells us to get out all our ingredients and utensils before attempting a 30-minute meal, we also need to prepare! Make sure you remove your make up and add a nice oil-based moisturiser before you go to bed.

This is cheating a little, but before you go to bed, if you have long hair why not try this great tip to achieve curls without heat? All you need is a headband and 5 minutes. We have tried this at home and it works and looks great!


OK so the alarm has gone off, you have had the obligatory 3x snooze, you are showered, breakfasted and dressed and there is 10 minutes until you need to leave the house…ready? Start the timer!

00.10.00 Prime; after your shower, make sure you moisturise your skin and apply a primer to your face. Applying a primer will help the make-up sit on top of a barrier rather than your skin, avoiding flaky dry patches. If you fancy adding an all over colour smooth on a BB cream rather than a primer these “beauty balms” are the next step up from a tinted moisturiser full of dermatological extras such as hyaluronic acid which give coverage as well as providing genuine benefits.

00.08.00 Conceal; whip out your trusted concealer wand and apply several dots under the eyes and any areas that look a little uneven like the chin or around the nose and tap in gently (never rub!). Our top tip is to apply a loose powder with a fluffy brush to set it.

00.06.30 Shadow; Sweep a shimmering copper shadow on your lids; this is a great tip for hiding tired eyes.

00.05.00 Blush; Use a light pink blush, or bronzer to sweep across your cheeks bones to give an instant healthy glow.

00.04.00 Mascara; A few strokes of mascara over the lashes will open your eyes and complete a lovely natural look.

00.03.00 Hair; Time to tackle the hair! Either shake out of the headband as suggested in the preparation method above or another quick hair fix is to try out the “messy ballerina” from our top autumn hairstyle blog here.

00.00.00 Time is up; Slick on some lip-gloss, grab your bag and you are ready to face the world! You look fantastic!

24th September 2014

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