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10 tips for the perfect BBQ

10 tips for the perfect BBQ

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There is something exhilarating about the anticipation of a BBQ in the UK. Will it be sunny? Will there be any hot dog rolls left in the supermarket? (Answer is almost exclusively no!) Will there be enough food? With all these unanswerable questions floating around we thought we would help out and create a round up of our top 10 tips for the perfect BBQ!

WARNING: you WILL want a BBQ immediately after reading this.


1. When to cook?

Charcoal grey is not just an eye shadow colour. It is the colour you want your coals to be when they are ready for cooking – grey and glowing. To get the perfect cooking temperature for your BBQ wait for the flames to die down as this is when the BBQ will be at its hottest and evenest heat.


2. Don’t skimp on the side dishes

A limp bit of lettuce on your burger is never going to be the star of your BBQ so put some effort into your sides. At this time of year there are so many summer fruits and vegetables available you will be spoilt for choice!

Check out our blog on the perfect side dishes.


3. Be en place

This is a chef’s term for having everything ready to go. Sometimes easier said than done with the unpredictable UK weather! As last minute rainy days can put a halt on plans. However marinating your meat the night before, preparing salads and cleaning the BBQ will leave you with more time for socialising and relaxing on the day!


4. S&P

Don’t forget to season. We are all guilty of it! For some reason cooking outside seems to make us neglect the first rule of cooking. Here are the rules:

- Never to salt overnight
- Salt just before barbequing
- Don’t add pepper while the meat is actually on the BBQ as it will burn. Add just after cooking.


5. Warm your burgers

You should never cook with cold meat. Before barbequing bring your meat back to room temperature as this will help to get the inside piping hot without cremating the outside.


6. Twice is enough

If you are after that delicious caramelized BBQ finish on your meat this wont happen if you are spatula happy and flipping them every two minutes. The key to deliciously cooked meat is to only turn once or twice.


7. No squashing!

We know it looks professional but squashing the meat down on the BBQ forces the juices to run out and with it take all the flavour leaving you with dry and sad looking meat. Whilst we are at it, sausages are also best left alone as piercing the skins dries them out. You’ve been told…


8. How to light a charcoal BBQ

Never, ever use lighter fluid. The best way is to use a chimney starter and stuff the bottom with paper, place on the fire grate and fill with charcoal. Set the paper on fire and let the fire lite the charcoal. In about 20 – 30 minutes use a fireproof mitt to release the coal from the chimney and you should be ready to cook!


9. Light the BBQ before people arrive

Unless your friends are renowned for being late (who, us?), avoid a long wait for food and grumbly tummies by lighting the BBQ before people arrive.


10. Three courses

Your BBQ can be three courses if you get creative! Try out prawn or chicken skewers for a starter or for a crowd pleasing pudding try bananas stuffed with chocolate and baked in foil!

If you want to continue dreaming about the barbeque you are going to have this weekend, check out our blog for tasty BBQ sides here.


Wednesday 24th June

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